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What is Cannibus Screening and Intervention for College Students (CASICS)?


CASICS is another Brief Motivational Intervention (BMI) that uses the same core components as BASICS but is focused on marijuana use for college and high school students as well as community members who have concerns about their marijuana use. 

CASICS is delivered over the course of two 1-hour interviews with a brief online assessment survey taken by the individual after the first session. The first interview gathers information about the individual’s recent marijuana use patterns, personal beliefs about marijuana, and alcohol and drug history, while providing instructions for self-monitoring any use of marijuana between sessions and preparing the individual for the online assessment survey. Information from the online assessment survey is used to develop a Personalized Feedback Report for use in the second interview. The report compares personal marijuana use with marijuana use norms, reviews individualized negative consequences and risks factors, clarifies perceived risks and benefits of marijuana, and provides options to assist in making changes to decrease or abstain from marijuana use.

Based on principles of motivational interviewing, CASICS is delivered in an empathetic, non-confrontational, and non-judgmental manner and is aimed at revealing the discrepancy between the individual’s risky marijuana use behavior and his or her goals and values. This discrepancy when processed with acceptance and caring by the CASICS Facilitator motivates behavior change toward greater safety, health and success.


What products are needed to implement CASICS? 


The CASICS Toolkit  

  • CASICS Facilitator Guide

  • CASICS Assessment and Feedback Application 

  • CASICS Delivery Tools 

  • CASICS Practitioner Training Workshop Curriculum License-used in Train-the-Trainer 

What training is needed to implement CASICS?

A standard CASICS Practitioner Training Workshop consisting of 2 days of instruction has been developed by George A. Parks, Ph.D. It results in staff receiving a Certified CASICS Practitioner credential. This training is tailored to the specific CASICS Assessment and Feedback Tool adopted by the site. The training is supplemented by a CASICS Facilitator Guide created by Dr. Parks that serves as a therapist manual describing specifically how to deliver CASICS at a particular site step-by-step. A CASICS Train-the-Trainer Workshop and a license to use CASICS Practitioner Training Workshop Curriculum are also available. All training is available on site or by videoconference. 


CASICS Implementation Resources:

Below are links to a variety of articles and information sheets concerning CASICS implementation. Many questions and concerns about implementing CASICS are answered in these documents.


Contact George A. Parks, Ph. D. at 206-930-1949 for a quote or more information about implementing CASICS

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